Monday, October 26, 2009

Wat a Life...

Live is C&D = Choose and Decide.... Its in your own fingertips.. if ur CHOICES is wrong,

den U

DESPERATELY have to follow the results or have to CHOOSE again..... What a life..........

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sarikei Citizens... ixora sunkist lovers??..

Sarikei is a town with pineapple as their town statue.. and a town where ixora sunkist (bunga jarum), mostly planted among the citizens.....

1. Yellow Ixora Sunkist

Yellow Ixora sunkist buds..

Yellow and glow... The "jarum" blooms..

2. Red type Ixora Sunkist

Red Ixora Sunkist, with big leaves, "produce" big flowers..

as beautiful as it is, while it blooms..

small leaves, but with more flowers..

There are more ixora sunkist can be found there, but why did they grew more and more ixora sunkist in town, or in their housing?... maybe this can answer it:....

Because they loves their own town... ahaa...