Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I had registered in this site on Jan 2009, but still there is no post from me. But today, after i saw a beautiful rainbow (during my way back from work), i told myself; now i should begin my blog and share this beautifulness of nature to all..

But before that, also in the same day, i had capture a photo that i think is a great view, a photo of Lake Garden, Sarikei taken from Sri Nyelong. We are having an arrangement of Landskap at Sri Nyelong and the view catch my eyes. Immediately i take out my C510 phone, and take a photo. Thanks to it, i got a great photo.

Here it is:

The original photo taken.

1st edit, the attractiveness is there.
(croped and zoom)

2nd edit..

I named it "Colours of Sunset Rain"

original photo.
(amazing, i have never expect to see a view like this)

after edited
(i only take the rainbow view)

original photo
(at the another side of the building)

after edited..

The beautiful of nature is creation of God. We will never know when we will "meet" it. Our daily life is wonderful, and full of surprise. Both of the view above is great, but the true beautifulness ia something that suddenly stuck our eyes.


  1. Something good to start with. Nice pictures. Carry on!

  2. Dear Kasia Kanaun,

    thanks yea...
    soon i'll post another...
    nature is the strength of life..

  3. Where you start is not as important as where you finish..

    Gohet ajakhlah...

  4. hahaha......rumah sape bahh koa

  5. Interesting photos.
    Tulis ajak mea ang patut...

    Keep it up!!!

  6. best gambar koa...permulaan yang baik :)

  7. Dah nang...post ajak amia ang patut. Dah ama giak diamk de.

  8. bato.nanggak jakohan maruk'a.amea an dirik tanang koa,mungkin jukut an biasa umpat d pandangan urakn lain,tapi bila dirik 'kajaanik' dikit,baru garik ka dangan keistimewaane.kira dirik ada kuasa untuk nanang umpat d 4 dimensilah.wakakaka..mustahil utk manusia auk maruk.ok truskan...

  9. Very good and nice picture, kamaruk..